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About Jetradar

Jetradar is one of the largest online search engines for flights all over the world
helping thousands of people to compare airline prices, track down carriers' special
offers, and book the cheapest tickets available. The fastest travel search engine
on the web helps users to find flights to all destinations from all major airlines.

Our HQ located in Phuket, Thailand and branch offices are located in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Sydney and Hong Kong.

Our Team

Max Kraynov, Managing Director (CEO)

Konstantin Kalinov, Executive VP Products

Nikita Kirgintsev, Product Manager, Jetradar OTA

Mikhail Arutyunyan, CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Anton Baitsur, Executive VP Products

Ivan Kozlov, VP Mobile Products

Andrey Ezhov, Product Manager, Analytics & SEO

Andrey Maslak, Product Manager, Mobile

Danil Ryashentsev, Product Manager, Hotellook

Andrey Petrov, Software engineer, Hotellook

Polina Akulenko, Event Manager

Vsevolod Billevich, Team Lead, Mobile

Nikita Gurovskiy, Head of Affiliate Relations

Yanis Dzenis, PR / Communication. Contacts for press.

Yulia Domracheva, PR Manager

Rada Klimenko, Business Development Manager

Alexander Nosov, Head of Customer Experience

Anastasia Olkhovskaya, Marketing Manager

Polina Yakovleva, Marketing Manager

Alexander Romanov, Team Lead, Jetradar OTA

Liza Ishchenko, Designer

Alexander Stanko, Team Lead, Aviasales

Valeriy Nazarov, Product Designer

Stoyan Slavov, Marketing Manager

Gregory Terekhin, Account Manager, OTAs/Airlines

Valeria Bayeva, Finance Manager

Alexey Borozdin, Frontend Developer

Igor Vechkanov, UI Developer

Oleg Gorbach, Analytics

Pavel Gorlov, Full-Stack Developer

Viktor Dmitriev, Frontend Developer

Vera Zlygosteva, Mobile Marketing Manager

Lilia Abdulina, Quality Assurance Engineer

Tatiana Zuikova, SEO Manager

Dmitry Ivanov, QA Lead, Mobile

Dzmitry Kachanau, Marketing Manager, Jetradar

Kira Kireeva, Office Manager

Maxim Klimchuk, Designer

Andrey Komrachkov, Android Developer

Elena Kosmynina, Affiliate Manager

Vitalina Korolevskaya, Content Manager, Hotellook

Michail Kulaga, Android Developer

Mark Martemyanov, Product Designer, Mobile

Artem Obydyonkin, Frontend Developer

Petr Stepchenko, Software Developer

Anton Cherepennikov, Release Engineer

Anton Chebotov, iOS Developer

Alexey Shaykhaleev, Ruby Developer

Vladimir Shidlovskiy, Quality Assurance Officer

Anton Scherbakov, Engine Developer

Igor Yurchenko, Android Developer

Vitaly Iurev, Software Developer

Wiriya Sinprasertwong, Digital Marketing Manager, Jetradar Thailand